//Milano mi fa male// 2009

During the Milan Design Week we were invited to participate in an event to promote the forgotten places of Milan.
Naviglio Matessana is a small water canal that runs in the North East of Milan, with a beautiful surroundings, that has been forgotten through time.
The idea was to create a boat origami workshop, to make people stop and enjoy the location, and then after constructing the boat and writing their wishes on the side, walk along the canal looking at the boat sailing down.

//London Proof Bike// 2009

Rediscovering the joy of cycling.
Cycling around London can be stressing, dangerous and toxic for your lungs. The London Proof Bike tries to address those issues by creating a relaxing, natural, secure environment around the rider. Take the bicycle out so it can grow and provide you with fresh air, shade, shelter, visibility and enjoyment.